Every year the FIAP hold a number of Prestigious Biennial Competitions for its member countries. The PAGB makes an entry on behalf of ‘Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. This year we would like to invite you to take part in this selection process for the FIAP Nature Biennial by submitting up to 12 nature images across the following three categories;

a. Birds
b. Mammals
c. Insects

Your entries would need to strictly comply with the FIAP nature definition and not have been used in a previous biennial competition entry. The FIAP Competition has both Print and digital Sections, so following a successful selection, you may be asked to provide a high resolution version (if selected for the print entry). Both our digital and print entries will need to be on a theme, and this will be taken into account during the select process. 30 Images will be selected in total and all images scoring more than 8 points in the actual FIAP Biennial can be used as a part of a FIAP Distinction Application.

Online Entry Opens: 18th July 2022

Closes: 11th September 2022

Selected: 12th September 2022


Images should be saved in jpg srgb format and up to 3200 pixels on their longest side before uploading to the Competition Entry System. https://pagbhost.co.uk

All submitted images will be scored and the higher scoring images along with the selected images will be included on a Digital Slideshow available from the PAGB Recorded Lecture Service.

A unique limited edition PAGB Enamel Badge will be given to all authors selected to represent ‘Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ in the FIAP Biennial Competition.

Please Note. Authors from clubs in the Scottish and South Wales Federations are not eligible, as their Federation makes a separate entry.

Please contact ‘fiapbiennial@thepagb.org.uk’ if you require further information.