Hexham Photographic Society is affiliated with the Northern Counties Photographic Federation (NCPF), which exists with the purpose of supporting their federated societies. The NCPF organise inter-club competitions as part of a championship, as well as annual competitions for individual club members. In total, the NCPF comprises fifty federated societies that a divided into six regional areas. Hexham & District Photographic Society is within the South Tyne area.

In 1930 the various regional federations, of which the NCPF is one of fifteen, came together to create the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), designed to provide a similar service to the regional Federations but at a national level. The PAGB organises a number of competitions, including inter-federation, inter-club competitions and also offers awards for photographic merit that are only open to members of Clubs affiliated to the PAGB through their Federations.

The Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique (FIAP) is an international organisation, formed in 1950 and hosted in Luxembourg, whose members are national associations of photographic societies (i.e PAGB). There are currently about 86 member countries covering over one million photographers.

FIAP offer patronage to International Photographic Exhibitions/ Competitions and anyone winning or being accepted into these competitions gains points. And we all know what ‘points make’ – that’s right Prizes – well not exactly, they accumulate and can gain the photographer FIAP distinctions. (AFIAP -Artiste FIAP , EFIAP - Excellence FIAP.

Other Societies

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) exists to promote photography and image-making and to support photographers in realising their potential, irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills. It has an international membership. The Society also acts as a public advocate for photography and photographers.

The RPS do organise Photographic Competitions but is more famous for the Distinctions awarded to photographers. In addition, the RPS organise events, lectures and workshops throughout the fifteen regional hubs within the UK. Details of what's happening within the Northern regional hub can be found here.


The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a worldwide organisation for anyone with an interest in photography. Founded in 1934, the Society is for casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs, and professional photographers. It also offers patronage to International Photographic Exhibitions / Competitions in a similar way to FIAP and similarly awards distinctions to photographers in a similar manner.


The Societies of Photographers are a group of organisations incorporating the interests of all aspects of photography. The membership is open to full-time professionals, semi-professional and serious enthusiasts. The Societies of Photographers manage eight internationally recognised photographic organisations:-

The Societies host numerous competitions only open to members and award Distinctions / Qualifications in a similar manner to the RPS – The three stages are Licentiate, Associate and Fellow of the respected individual Society – i.e FSWPP – Fellow of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.