Number of Images:

In each round of the Print competition, there are two categories per level (standard or advanced) that members can enter images into. These are listed below, with the maximum number of prints allowed per member:

  • Colour Print - 2 prints maximum
  • Mono Print - 2 prints maximum


  • There is no requirement to enter both Mono and Colour competitions if you don't want to, so for example, if you really only have a single colour print to enter, just enter the one print.
  • If you are not sure if you are Advanced or Standard level for each category, the competition's secretary will be able to confirm for you.
  • An image that has been previously entered into a Print or PDI Competition cannot be subsequently entered into another Print or PDI competition, and vice versa.

Print sizing:

  • All prints can be Home or Trade processed, either by traditional or digital means.
  • The size of the print and the colour of the mount is determined by the entrant.
  • All Prints shall be mounted securely on mount boards, which shall not exceed 500mm x 400 mm in size.
  • There should be no other identifying marks of any kind on the print or the mount.

Naming your print:

  • The title of the image must not exceed 25 characters in length.
  • The entrant shall record the 'Title' of their image, their membership number, and their allocated A or S category as well as M (mono) or C (Colour) on the back of the mount.

Where to submit your prints:

  • In the run-up meetings to the closing date, the competition's secretary will have a print box that you can drop your prints into, please ensure your prints have been suitably labelled with your membership number and image title.
  • If possible, so images can also be projected onto the large screen for display on the night, please also send a Jpeg of your print and email to ideally they should be:
    • Sized to 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels - This means for a landscape orientation image the maximum dimension is 3840 pixels whereas for portrait orientation and square images, the maximum dimension is 2160 pixels.
    • sRGB or Grayscale format

The above is a summary of what is fully defined in the competition rules, which can be found here.