As discussed at the recent meetings - we are thinking of having a summer programme of events to run from May to August 2023. Its most likely that we'll aim for one event per month but possibly more when there are special events such as the Miners' gala.

Each event will be a visit of a place or event  aimed at taking photos and enjoying the company of fellow members coupled with an optional walk. 

Where practical each will end at a cafe or pub.

The current suggestions are:

Blanchland and a walk around the Shildon Engine House area

Bellingham and a walk to Hareshaw Linn

Planetrees, Heavenfield and Fallowfield Fell

North Shields Fish Key, the Fisherman statue and Collingwood's Monument

Durham Miner's Gala

Historic Sports car meeting and races at Croft Circuit

Comments and alternative suggestions are welcome and this will be updated as the calendar is finalised