It followed the previous week's meeting, that covered various techniques that could be used to produce images, as well as discussion on the planning and equipment required to get the best results.

The aim of the practical evening was to put that theory into practise, whist out and about in Hexham and surrounding area. In addition, it was also an ideal opportunity to learn from each other, or in some cases an opportunity to be posed as "models" for each other. Having met at the usual time before dispersing into town, the evening seemed to fly by and before too long it was time to reconvene to compare notes and shots.

The evening proved to be popular with newer and more established members, some of the work produced during the evening can be seen in the gallery below:


Night Photography - Practical 31st October 2023

Bus Station - Dave Strother
Halloween Ghost Train - Dave Strother
Hallstile Bank - Dave Strother
Hexham Hospital - Dave Strother
Lights on the Bridge - Dave Strother
Muro Lounge - Dave Strother
Cogito window - DUNCAN BURRIDGE
Hallstile Bank - Duncan Burridge
Fore St - Duncan Burridge
Lanterns - Duncan Burridge
Abbey green - Graham Turner
Abbey through arch - Graham Turner
Abbey windows - Graham Turner
Hospital by night - Graham Turner
Spook on Spook - Graham Turner
St Marys Chair - Graham Turner
Stephe Smith Night Walker
Stephen Smith DIY Talk
Stephen Smith Forum
Stephen Smith Market Place
Stephen Smith Rush Hour
Stephen Smith Window Shoppers
Angus Reid Alone Together
Angus Reid Last Teddy In The Shop
Angus Reid Passing The Chippy
Angus Reid Spooky Manequins
Angus Reid The Dog Walker
Angus Reid The Shopper