'Intentional Camera Movement' – Andrew Gray

16th February 2021 - 7:25 pm at The Torch Centre, Hexham


Andy Gray is a landscape photographer based on the Northumberland coast. But he’s a landscape photographer with a difference.  He has made the skill of intentional camera movement into an art, creating stunning atmospheric images of Northumberland.

Says Andy, “I’m a image maker based in a small rural Northumbrian village only two fields away from the family farm I grew up on.

With Northumberland as a home its iconic but subtle landscapes, coastline and nature in general have shaped my vision from an early age and continues to inspire me – though the thought of the challenge of a change of scene does appeal now and again.

“A long time self-confessed nerd, I’m most comfortable not just out in the countryside or on the beach with a camera but also shut away in front of a computer for hours on end making images from the data our digital cameras produce. I’ve never been afraid of carrying out seemingly excessive alteration to my captured images, which has probably been a large factor in the way my individual style of intentional camera movement photography has developed over the years.

“While in the past I always enjoyed having a camera in my hand making traditional landscape images of the local iconic views and more intimate landscape scenes, after a spell of loving making minimalist long exposures, usually monochromatic, I stumbled (literally) on intentional camera movement.
It wasn’t long after this trip that I first saw the work of Valda Bailey who was just a short amount of time into developing her multiple exposure style, and I was captivated. I loved it, but hadn’t seen anything like it before, using a camera at any rate. So began my journey which has ended up with me all but abandoning the “reality” of photography and instead I use the old English master painters of the 19th century, along with the later impressionists as my inspiration to create the work I currently do. A huge influence and someone I actively try and mimic in form and colour scheme is JMW Turner.

“After years of trying to find a niche, I have now found it and am comfortable enough in it to begin dispelling my knowledge and thoughts to others. As part of my move into creating video content I host a weekly YouTube live stream “Tuesday Night Edits” where I edit my work live, I also now offer 1-2-1 tuition and will soon be developing group workshops.”

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