Ian Forsyth talks about modern photojournalism

8th October 2019 - 7:30 pm at The Torch Centre, Hexham


Tonight we will be entering the world of modern day photojournalism. No longer the dash to get the film to the lab, the contacts to the editor & then onto the presses – today, images can be on social media in seconds from them being taken!

Ian Forsyth is a freelance news and documentary photographer based on the North Yorkshire coast of the UK working as a stringer and contributor for Getty Images News.

Says Ian, “Over the years I have photographed in many countries as I pursue my passion for documenting people, places and events and I believe that the creation of a photographic record to document these moments in our collective histories is valuable not only to meet current news interests but it is also the collective responsibility of documentary photographers to ensure these events are recorded with honesty, integrity and compassion for future generations.”

For more about Ian’s work visit id blog at www.room2850.com

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