Hexham & District Photographic Society
PDI Competition Rules


Published May 2017


The rules are published in full below.


1) PDI Image Submission

a) Digital images should be

i) in jpg format, quality 8,
ii) sized to the maximum following dimensions: 1400 pixels by 1050 pixels. This means for a landscape image the maximum dimension is 1400 pixels whereas for portrait and square images the maximum dimension is 1050 pixels.
iii) in RGB or Grayscale 8 bit format
iv) colour space sRGB

b) You can submit 2 images for each Competition in either colour or monochrome or a combination of both.
c) The PDI Competition will be open to all club members and run without the normal O and A classifications of the print competitions.
d) Image naming must follow the following convention: xx_Image-Title_yy.jpg where:

i) ‘xx’ is either 01 or 02, indicating your first and second choice image. This may be used to prioritise images for the competition if there are a significant number of entries that would overwhelm the judging process and we need to restrict the total number of entries
ii) Image_Title is your image title for the image
iii) ‘yy’ is your membership number.

e) Send to [email protected]


2) PDI Image judging:

a) Images will be assessed by all members of the Society.
b) The judging period will be set for a specific period of time from submission closure (4 or 8 weeks).
c) All images will be viewable on HPS website.
d) Members can view and examine images at leisure.
e) Each Member will be able to nominate their top three images (first, second, third).
f) Each Member to submit their selection via specific web-based survey form made available from the HPS website (Google forms).
g) Each Member must enter their name and/or membership number to access voting form.
h) Each Member will be encouraged to give short specific reasons why they selected each image.
i) Members are not allowed to vote for their own images.


3) Image selection and results:

a) All Member nominations will automatically compiled into a single Excel spreadsheet which will then be used to determine the most popular images.
b) Each image will be allotted 3 points for every first place vote, 2 points for second place and 1 point for third place.
c) A total score will then be calculated for each image and images ranked by total score.
d) The top five images will then be allotted first through fifth place and the next 3 images highly commended.
e) Each of these eight images will have a summary of the reasons why they were chosen by members.


4) Image Awards:

a) Presentation of the results at a nominated Club night will be limited to announcement (and display) of the top 8 images by a nominated Club Member who will also use the summary of opinions to describe why those images have been selected.
b) Presentation will be limited to 15-20 minutes as part of a club evening occupied by other activities.
c) Individual members who submitted images that were not placed but still wanted feedback on their images could be provided with the summary of comments submitted for their image.
d) End of Season Digital Award. The ‘Members’ Trophy’ will be presented to the Member who has amassed the most points from both competitions at the End of Season Awards immediately prior to the AGM.