Updated 14th September 2018

The rules are published in full below, a pdf version is available to download and print here: Appendix 2 Hexham Competition Rules 02.05.18


Davison Trophy Advanced Mono Prints Member gaining most points in the 3 Annual Competitions.
Keen Trophy Advanced Mono Prints Runner up in the 3 Annual Competitions
Edgar Shield Beginner Mono Prints Member gaining most points in the 3 Annual Competitions.
Jim Shipp Memorial Beginner Mono Prints Runner up in the 3 annual Competitions
Carol Palmer Trophy Advanced Colour Prints Member gaining most points in 3 Annual Competitions
Louie Ord Memorial Advanced Colour Prints Runner up in the 3 Annual Competitions
Donald Low Trophy Beginner Colour Prints Member gaining most points in the 3 Annual Competitions
Sydney Coston Trophy Beginner Colour Prints Runner up in the 3 Annual Competitions
Wardle Rose Bowl Mono Print of Year Member gaining 1st place in POY Competition
Palmer Pot Colour Colour Print of Year Member gaining 1st place in POY Competition
Fothergill Silver Tray Consistent Performance Member showing consistent performance who did not win any other trophy that season
Members Trophy PDI Competition Member gaining most points in 2 PDI Competitions




The Colour Print Competition is for colour prints only.  Duotone, tri-tone and monochrome images with a single colour element are deemed to be colour.  Subject matter will be of the member’s choice. A maximum of two images may be entered by each member. All Prints can be Home or Trade processed, either by traditional or digital means.



Entries may be of any subject. For the purpose of this competition, monochromatic is deemed to be a continuous tone greyscale image. A single colour tinted image is deemed to be monochromatic. Duotone, tri-tone and monochromatic images depicting an object or element picked out in colour will be deemed colour images, and therefore not eligible. A maximum of two images may be entered by each member. All Prints can be Home or Trade processed, either by traditional or digital means.



An Internal PDI Competition is now held. This started in 2016-17 season and will continue.
The theme for the PDI competition and the submission window will be announced at the HPS club nights and publicised on the HPS website well in advance of the closing date for submission for each competition.
Digital Images on the identified theme should be submitted either via the HPS website Competition page or directly to the Digital Competition Secretary via e-mail.



All entries must have been taken since 1st January of the previous year. Work can be entered in the POTY, that has been entered in other competitions (PDI, Monochrome Prints and Colour Prints). Members may enter a maximum of 2 images in each section (Colour and Mono).



A member can win this trophy only once. Any member winning a trophy in a season is automatically excluded from the Consistent Performance Trophy.

The Trophy is awarded to the member who gains the most points in Open Print Competitions (Mono and Colour) in the season.



All Club members will be classified as either Advanced (A) or Beginner (B) workers. They will then be allowed to enter the appropriate competitions. Classification will be reviewed by the Club Selection Committee on an annual basis using the following criteria:

A member will be promoted from B to A classification if:-

  • They have won either Colour or Mono Beginner Trophy internal club competition.
  • They have achieved an aggregate 30 points in either Colour or Mono Beginner competitions over a running 2 year period.
  • They have achieved a photographic Distinction i.e. LRPS, ARPS, CPAGB, DPAGB, etc.
  • Their work is defined as Advanced by ‘The Club Selection panel’ regardless of above.

Note - Mono and Colour Print Competitions are to be treated as independent classifications. E.g. A member can be classified as Beginner in one Print Section and Advanced in another.

The Club Selection Committee shall be chaired jointly by the Internal & External Competition Secretaries and made up of all club members appointed as NCPF judges, plus up to 2 normal Club members (appointed randomly on a rotational basis). A quorum of at least 3 persons are required for the Selection Committee.

Roles of Panel are –

  • Selection of clubs external competition entries.
  • Make decisions on A and B classifications with regards to above rules.


 All Prints shall be mounted on a board and shall not exceed 500mm x 400mm in size. Members shall record the 'Title' of their image, their member number and A or B category on the back of the mount, however they must not put identifying marks of any kind on the face of the print. The title of the image must not exceed 25 characters in length.



  • First Place – 10 Points
  • Second Place – 7 Points
  • Third Place – 5 Points
  • Fourth Place – 3 Points
  • Fifth Place – 2 Points
  • HC’s – 1 Point

There will be no joint places and a maximum of 5 Highly Commended (HC) per competition.


Work once entered in one competition, or anything significantly similar, cannot be entered in other club competitions. The exception being entries for ‘Print of the Year’ if eligible.



All work entered in competitions shall be the personal work of the entrant who must own either the film or Digital negative; this includes all parts of the image if it is a composite.  Any entry into Club, Northern Counties Photographic Federation or Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Competitions must comprise of lens made images taken by you.


Websites and magazines may offer royalty free images for you to use and manipulate, this is fine for personal work but they cannot be entered in competitions no matter how much you alter them. Any component you use, if it contains pixels, must have been taken by you and not downloaded from the web or a CD.


Digital adjustments including tone and contrast, burning, dodging, cropping, sharpening, noise reduction, minor cleaning work, HDR, stitched panoramas, focus stacking and multiple exposure taken at the same location at the same time are permitted.


All authors will retain copyright of their entries.


The Competition Secretary reserves the right to withdraw:

  • Insecurely or inappropriately mounted prints likely to cause damage to other prints in transit.
  • Images considered being of an offensive or highly sensitive nature.
  • Images that do not adhere to the above rules.



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  1. Beginner and Advanced prints are judged on the same evening, they are judged together in one competition, with no distinction.
  2. Advanced and Open categories are replaced by Advanced and Beginners. (or A and B) {Beginners is the titled given by the NCPF in their competitions}
  3. Scoring will be 1st...5th Place, plus no limit on Highly Commended (HC). These are allocated across the Advanced and Beginner members; there is no distinction at this stage.
  4. A ‘Best Beginners Print’ will be awarded by the judge in both the Mono and Colour sections and may or may not be one of the placed prints (1-5, or HC's).
  5. Trophies will be awarded at the conclusion of the 3 rounds to the Advanced member with the most points in Mono and Colour. (As previously done)
  6. Trophies will be awarded at the conclusion of the 3 rounds to the Beginner member with the most ‘Best Beginner’ awards. In the event of a tie, the Best Beginner with the most points is the winner.
  7. The overall Best Beginner will be promoted to the Advanced category in the Mono or Colour section.