Group Leader Code of Practice

Published November 2008

The document is published in full below, a pdf version is available to download and print here: Assignments Leader Guide

  • Each member is committed to producing up to 4 mounted images, depending on the number attending the assignment. On the day of the assignment let the members know how many prints you want per member. Aim for 30-35 prints for a ½ hour presentation and 55-65 prints for a 1 hour presentation.
  • The group leader will arrange for collection of the prints along with comment sheets and use them to produce a presentation for members on a club evening. This could be anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the assignment.
  • Make a selection of the prints to “fit” the allocated time slot on the evening. Ensure that everyone is fairly represented. For example if it is a well attended assignment, say 15 members, and 50 prints are submitted and you have a 30 minute slot on the evening select 30 to 35 prints. Ensure that every member has 2 prints included. The same applies to the 1 hour ensure that everyone is fairly represented.
  • Never put yourself in the position where you need to say “I have too many prints to fit the time slot.” You have total control over how many you include in the presentation.