Code of Practice


Published November 2008

The document is published in full below, a pdf version is available to download and print here: Assignments Code of Practice


Hexham and District PS organise photographic assignments throughout the year in the UK as well Europe. The aim of these assignments is to capture the spirit of the time and place in the form of photographic images with a difference.

  • Each member who intends to attend an assignment is required to let the leader know and give contact details i.e. email address or phone number. These are required in case the assignment needs to be cancelled for any reason.
  • The group leader will arrange a time and place for the assignment and contact the members to advise them if the assignment is cancelled.
  • We aim to meet as a group within 2 hours of the start of the assignment for refreshments.
  • Members who need photographic advice during the assignment should speak to any of the senior photographers present who will be happy to help.
  • Each member is committed to producing up to 4 mounted images, depending on the number attending the assignment. On the day of the assignment the leader will announce how many prints per person are required.
  • Every pixel in the images must have been taken on the assignment. Manipulation can take place but only with pixels taken on the assignment.
  • Comments for each image must be submitted on a separate sheet of A4 paper. They should include the what, where, why and when of the image along with the impression it has on the owner. Feelings are what we really want to learn about. Technical data such as Canon 5D, 1/125 sec at f8 serve no useful purpose in this exercise and should not be included.