Third Print competition

The third print competition was judged by David Hall from Gosforth, a member of Gateshead Camera Club. His obvious enthusiasm for prints made for a very interesting and informative evening.  The competition was well supported by members and the judge was especially impressed with the beginners section.


Beginner colour

  • 1st Red Grouse in the snow by John Austin

  • 2nd Rock pools by Jane Waitt

  • 3rd Blue Poppies by Pat Johnston

  • 4th Willow Warbler by Kevin Hilton

  • 5th Singing in the rain by Graham Bradshaw

  • HC Harlow printed printing limited by Gerry Stephens

  • HC Tuk Tuk crush by Duncan Burridge

Advanced Colour

  •  1st Hard toil by Barbara Austin

  • 2nd Autumn dawn – Castle Stalker by Neville Holmes

  • 3rd White Orchid by Angus Reid

  • 4th Rainbow colours by Bob Turner

  • 5th Playing the blues by Dave Best

  • HC Autumn morning by Sheila Stanger

  • HC Moon bear bedtime by Angus Reid


Beginner Mono

  • 1st Early morning Texture by Kevin Hilton

  • 2ns The Bridge by Graham Bradshaw

  • 3rd I spy by Jane Waitt

  • 4th Taj Mahal by Duncan Burridge

  • 5th Hide and seek by Jane Waitt

  • HC Snowy Crag Lough by Gerry Stephens

  • HC Lobster pots by John Cole



Advanced Mono

  • 1st The Tree by Gerry Stephens

  • 2nd Harlech Castle and Dragon by Angus Reed

  • 3rd Castle point Kilns by Dave Best

  • 4th Stopping for a chat by Bob Turner

  • 5th Light around the curve by Neville Holmes

  • HC Which one first by Neville Holmes

  • HC Surveying the river by Geoff Chrisp














This post was written by: Val Johnston on 14th, March 2022