2nd Print Competition January 4th 2022

The second Print Competition was held on Tuesday 4th January 2022.  It was very ably judged by Alan Porrett from Whitley Bay. He gave a thorough and perceptive assessment of each image and the evening was much enjoyed by members. Thank you Alan.

Beginner Colour

  • 1st Calling Curlew by John Austin
  • 2nd Bride by Bill Ferguson
  • 3rd Poppy by John Cole
  • 4th Edinburgh at Tattoo time by Pat Johnston
  • 5th South Stack by Dave Strother
  • HC Tap Dancer by John Austin
  • HC Ice on the Tyne by Pat Johnston


Advanced Colour

  • 1st Flying high by Barbara Austin
  • 2nd Boudoir by Sheila Stanger
  • 3rd Hare in a hayfield by Barbara Austin
  • 4th Watch the breakers by Dave Best
  • 5th Wary Kestrel by Val Johnston
  • HC Day break at the Bath house by Sheila Stanger
  • HC Tribute Band by Bob Turner


  • Beginner Mono

  • 1st Shapes and shadows by Pat Johnston
  • 2nd Train spotting by Graham Bradshaw
  • 3rd Bass rock by Duncan Burridge
  • 4th Bless the weather byGraham Bradshaw
  • 5th Elephant adventure by Duncan Burridge
  • HC Bolsover Castle Rooftops by Dave Strother
  • HC Inverary castle by John Cole


  • Advanced Mono

  • 1st Passing strangers by Geoff Chrisp
  • 2nd Rift between fishermen by Angus Reid
  • 3rd Steel tunnel by Geoff Chrisp
  • 4th On Brighton Beach by Dave Best
  • 5th Stone Bridge byVal Johnston
  • HC Vanishing point by Bob Turner


This post was written by: Val Johnston on 16th, January 2022