Print of the Year Competition 2021

Despite ongoing Covid restrictions the Print of the Year competition was held as usual on the 13th April 2021. The competition attracted a fair entry in both the colour and the mono sections. The judge was Arjun Nambiar from Gosforth Photographic Society. A newly appointed judge this season he gave in depth, excellent comments and suggestions. Thank you Arjun and congratulations to the winner of both sections : Bob Turner.


Colour Section

  • Winner of the Palmer Pot is ‘Out in the Cold’  by Bob Turner
  • Runner up is ‘Sycamore Gap Sunrise’ by Angus Reid



Monochrome Section

  • Winner of the Wardle Rose Bowl is ‘Tyne Green’ by Bob Turner
  • Runner up is ‘Last Seed’ by Barbara Austin

This post was written by: Val Johnston on 26th, April 2021