2nd Print Competition 2019-2020 Season

The second Print competition of the 2019-20 season took place on Tuesday the 3rd of December. Many Thanks go to the judge for this round of the competition, David Stout ARPS DPAGB EFIAP PPSA, of Whickham Photographic Club who delivered members constructive feedback on all images submitted.


As agreed at the AGM the competition was judged on the one evening with separate competitions for Beginner and Advanced workers in both Colour & Mono. At the AGM it was also agreed that the number of images awarded a numbered position or highly commended would be made proportional to the number of entries for the competition, it was left to the competition secretary and committee to agree and finalise this. At the last committee meeting on the 13th November the following was agreed:


Number of entries 12 or less 13 to 20 More than 20
Number of positions 3 4 5
Max number of Highly Commended 3 4 5


Congratulations to everyone who submitted images the final results and Images* are listed below:
*This post will be updated with the images as and when received.


Beginners Competition

Beginner Mono:

  1. Angus Reid –the vital Spark at Inverary.
  2. Sheila Stanger – Starship Stairway
  3. Sheila Stanger -66 degrees North
  4. John Cole –Service 22

Highly Commended:

  • Lee Bryant –Strangers Passing
  • Lesley Parsons – The end of the pier
  • Graham Bradshaw – Have I got eyes on you
  • Neville Holmes – Delete, delete, delete



Beginner Colour

  1. John Cole – Pheasant Chick
  2. Gerry Stephens – Miss Susie
  3. Neville Holmes – Welcome break
  4. Jane Waitt – Woody
  5. Sheila Stanger – On the rocks

Highly Commended:

  • Elspeth Peddie – Poppy Field
  • Pat Johnston -Red Squirrel eating
  • Charles Miller – Descent
  • Gerry Stephens -Smiles
  • Barbara Austin- On the Look out



Advanced Competition

Advanced Mono:

  1. Barrie Harte – Mohammed
  2. Bob Turner -The Tackle
  3. Danny Brannigan – Time for Rest
  4. Barry Turnbull – Three in front

Highly Commended:

  • Bob Turner – Big wheel
  • Gerry Stephens – 1928 Bentley
  • Gerry Adcock – Street life
  • Gerry Stephens – Cousin Edward



Advanced Colour:

  1. Barrie Harte –Watching you
  2. Gerry Adcock – Bled Island
  3. Gerry Adcock –The box of secrets
  4. Val Johnston – View from Jungfraujoch

Highly Commended:

  • Bob Turner – Having Fun
  • Barrie Harte –Little Green Bee-eater
  • Adrian Christer – Lloyds Reflected
  • Angus Reid – Commando Remembrance



This post was written by: Hexham Photographic Society on 6th, December 2019