Month: May 2019

Council Meeting – 7:35, 8th May 2019 – Hexham

Present – Dave Best (DB) – President Mavis McCormick (MM) – Previous President Kevin Hilton (KH) – Secretary David Theobald (DT) – Internal Competitions Secretary Gerry Adcock (GA) – External Competitions Secretary Stephen Smith (SS) Marketing Officer Committee members – Adrian Christer (AC), Val Johnston (VJ), Mike Ward (MW), Graham Bradshaw. Apologies – Gerry Stephens (GS), Rob Haliburton (RH), Previous minutes were agreed as correct. There were no matters arising. Reports – Dave Best (DB) – President. Nothing to report. Kevin Hilton (KH) – Secretary/Social Secretary. Besides sourcing donations for the 14th May sponsored walk, he has been developing content for an external fundraiser Wildflower Photography Workshop for Beginners. He has been for a recce Read More …

3rd PDI Competition Winners 2018-19

The 3rd PDI Competition was Judged Online by members ending on 2nd April 2019. This is the update for the results of the competition plus the accrued points during the season. Member Points Position Adrian Christer 35 1 Peter Newman 21 2 Sheila Stanger 15 3 Stuart Fothergill 8 4 Peter Newman 5 5 Angus Reid 4 HC Danny Brannigan 4 HC Rob Halliburton 4 HC The images are below:- The overall points for the 3 PDI competitions:- Member Member # 1st Comp 2nd Comp 3rd Comp Total Adrian Christer 91 11 9 35 55 Danny Brannigan 62 8 33 4 45 Barry Turnbull 69 28 14 42 Peter Newman 100 13 26 39 Angus Read More …

HDPS Council Minutes 13th March 2019

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