3rd Print Competition Results 2018-19 Season

Our 3rd Print Competition of the season was held at the Torch Centre on 29th January 2019. The Judge was Keith Snell LRPS, EFIAP, PPSA from Cockermouth. Thank you Keith for an entertaining evening of judging.

Mono Results:

1st Columns Gerry Adcock
2nd British Museum Impression Bob Turner
3rd Le Gondole Geoff Chrisp
4th Path To The Cross Gerry Adcock
5th Loneliness Bob Turner
HC Dreaming Gerry Stephens
HC Up And Over Geoff Chrisp
HC Pieta Adrian Christer
HC Tudor Tavern John Cole
HC Classic Cat Angus Reid

Colour Results:

1st Curlew In Cotton Grass Angus Reid
2nd We Are Not Amused Bob Turner
3rd Fallen Angel Gerry Adcock
4th Strata Various Geoff Chrisp
5th Chloe Gerry Adcock
HC Big Brother Gerry Stephens
HC Fairground Ride Bob Turner
HC Salmon Leap Kev Hilton
HC The Reichstag Dome Geoff Chrisp
HC Titanic Building & Reflection Val Johnston

This post was written by: David Theobald on 2nd, February 2019