2nd Print Competition Results 2018-19 Season

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd Print Competition of this season.


The Judge David Illingworth from Throckley gave a comprehensive review of every image which I’m sure was welcomed my all members!


Thank You David for your excellent Judging.


Mono Results:

Position Author Title Category
1st Bob Turner Eiffel Tower Impression A
2nd Peter Newman It Could Only Be Italy A
3rd (Best B) Stephen Smith Sycamore Gap In Winter B
4th Angus Reid Can We Be Friends B
5th Rob Halliburton Misty Graveyard A
HC Gerry Adcock The Rebel A
HC Gerry Stephens Forgotten Age A
HC Rob Halliburton Shaped By The Wind A
HC Angus Reid Emmanuel Head Lindisfarne B
HC John Cole Tattershall Castle B


Colour Results:

Position Author Title Category
1st Bob Turner Snowstorm A
2nd Adrian Christer Autumn at Hadrian’s Wall A
3rd Gerry Adcock Encounters A
4th Rob Halliburton Remember A
5th Bob Turner Casual Stroll A
HC David Theobald The Happy Bride A
HC Stephen Smith Lift Off A
HC Adrian Christer Misty Morning Dog Walk A
HC (Best B) Angus Reid Guarding The Shop B
HC (Best B) Gerry Stephens Setting Sun B

This post was written by: David Theobald on 10th, December 2018