Charity Calendars for the Boatside Inn

Matt Cawood, the Landlord of the Boatside Inn at Warden, took delivery of 100 Planner style Charity Calendars for 2019 and 150 Christmas cards, produced by members of Hexham & District Photographic Society at the end of October.


The Calendars are on sale in the Boatside Inn for £12.50 and will be raising money for the Emma Newton fund. Emma Newton was a Performing Arts student who was killed when a tree fell on her car. The charity, set up by her parents, supports young people wanting a career in the Performing Arts.


The idea of the planner came up in discussion with Matt who was initially looking for prints from members of Hexham & District Photographic Society to hang on the inn walls in November, as a gallery for visitors to consider purchasing prints from the photographers. The approach taken with the planner was to ask club members for images and pool them all together. Then, in a meeting with Graham Oliver, Adrian Christer and Kev Hilton, Matt selected from the pool of unidentified photos those he wanted. These were then formatted in a planner style he had previously approved, then shown to him as a proof to sign off on. In return for the time and effort of club members further money has been raised for the club.


The images below show the cover and chosen images for each month:




This post was written by: Kev Hilton on 5th, November 2018