Month: September 2018

Time-Lapse Photography.

Time-Lapse Photography Kev Hilton Time-lapse photography enables us to see movements that we might otherwise miss, as it speeds up time. Past approaches to time-lapse involved having to take individual photographs at regular points in time and then make them viewable as a movie, almost like a nickelodeon. Nowadays however, a number of digital cameras have the facility for running time-lapse programmes to create a movie file, making the whole process much more straight forward.   The full-frame Nikons I use require the basic shot to be set up first in photo mode, shifting then to movie mode to set the Interval, and the Shooting Time. There is also an option for Exposure Smoothing if Read More …

HDPS Council Minutes 12.9.18

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1st PDI Competition 2018-19 season

The 1st PDI competition this time is on the theme ‘A Touch of Red‘   This fun competition is open to club members only but the results will be published on this site for all to see.   The interpretation is quite loose so enter anything with RED in your image. Examples are red flowers, signposts, red evening skies, a girl in a red dress will do well! Try to make the RED prominent to draw the eye of the viewer.   We are accepting entries from club members to until 9th October so put your thinking caps on, as this date is not too far away.   Judging will start shortly afterwards, and Read More …