Kev’s ‘Off the Rails’ 30 Mile Walk

Hexham Photographic Society member and now club secretary Kevin Hilton put his best foot forward back in May in an effort to raise much needed funds towards a new projector for the society.


He set himself the challenge of completing a grueling 30 mile sponsored walk from Stanhope to Newcastle,  mostly using the network of paths and cycle ways built on old railways that cross the area. Having been dropped off at the start by president Dave Best on the 15th May at 7:10am, he sallied forth fully equipped with sandwiches two flasks of water and obviously his camera.


Kevin at The Stepping Stones
Kevin at The Stepping Stones

Hexham Photographic Society President Dave Best commented “As a relatively new member, having joined in the last coupe of years, Kevin has not been shy in stepping up and putting himself forward for things. Having recently been elected as club secretary and coming up with this latest venture he really is leading from the front”


Should anyone have doubts, or suspect he nipped off to the nearest bus stop and spent the time saved in the pub, Kevin had the foresight to document the whole walk with a GPS tracker and by photographing his progress at regular intervals.


Kevin's GPS Trace
Kevin’s GPS Trace


T-Services, from Team Valley, provided £200 of corporate sponsorship plus their fluorescent cap and hi-vis jacket, and as can be seen on the Youtube link they provided surprise drinks and nibbles half way through his trek.


With the Stanhope to Newcastle walk successfully completed in 11 hours 40 minutes Kevin then hopped onto the train home and set about creating a 5 minute video walk-through using photographs taken on the day. You can see the results below:



Now that Kevin has fully recovered from his recent exertions his only ongoing challenge is extracting the promised sponsorship, from other members friends and family. Although to date he has done very respectably, with sponsorship still coming in, over half the figure required for the new projector has already been raised.


The committee would like to thank Kevin for going the extra mile in his efforts to raise funds towards a new projector, anyone wishing to make contact with Kevin concerning the walk or fund-raising then email:


This post was written by: Hexham Photographic Society on 6th, June 2018