Month: December 2017

Panorama Photography

After providing members with a fascinating evening on Panorama Photography back in December, Peter Newman has very kindly contributed an article for the website.     Spherical panoramas are becoming increasingly popular in social media with Facebook and Google providing the facility to upload and move around a 360×180 image on a phone screen. I have written this article with the aim of providing an overview of panoramic photography, to demonstrate what is possible and hopefully inspire members to go out and give it a try. Panoramas are useful in several circumstances; to expand and enhance the view, to increase image resolution, to facilitate an optimal shooting position in cramped spaces, to enhance the viewing Read More …

2nd PDI Judging Form

The 2nd PDI competition PEOPLE is now open for judging by Members You can view all the image using the gallery below, but please don’t forget to vote and comment on your favourite images. The judging form will remain open until midnight on 3rd January 2018       Judging is now closed.