Council Meeting – 4th April 2017 – Torch Centre, Hexham


  • Mavis McCormick (MM) – President & External Competition Sec
  • Dave Best (DB) – Vice President
  • Gerry Stephens (GS) – Treasurer,
  • Rob Haliburton (RH) – Syllabus Sec,
  • David Theobald (DT) – Internal Competition Sec
  • George Ledger (GL) Secretary
  • Stephen Smith (SS) Marketing Officer
  • Committee members – Adrian Christer (AC),
  • Graham Oliver (GO),
  • Mike Ward (MW).


  • Verity Johnson (VJ) – Past President,
  • Christine Giles (CG) Social Sec,


MM – opened meeting at 8.50pm

  • GL – informed Council that purpose of meeting was twofold – ensure all ready for AGM & Plan Exhibition


1. AGM

  • GL – requested that all Officer reports be forwarded to him by Tuesday 11th April so that he could forward them to all members prior to the AGM.
    (Competition Secretary, Syllabus Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing Officer and Secretary).
  • GS stated that the Treasurers report (Club accounts) had been finalised and had been internally audited (DB) they were currently being externally audited as requested at last Council meeting.
  • GL – stated that he had received one item of AOB at present – from Stuart Fothergill – requesting that the comp rules be changed (back) to allow joint places and unrestricted HC’s.
  • GL – stated that he had received one volunteer for an Officer role – Gerry Adcock for External Comp Sec (he had previously assisted Council by organising the NCPF entry this year).


2. 2017 Exhibition

  • GL requested confirmation that the following were booked and we were willing to go ahead:-
    Abbey – 14th – 27th August – RH confirmed booking – all present happy with going ahead.
    Cinema – August – RH confirmed booking and stated that the Forum Cinema were keen to expand on our relationship and have further events – all present happy with going ahead.
    Shop Window displays – RH stated that this was not booked and he had misgivings about the return from last year’s display. After discussion, Council agreed to go with RH thought’s and not have this part of the exhibition this year.
  • Pre-exhibition / end of season drinks evening – MM stated she had contacted VJ with the three requested dates but had not had a reply, MM will chase this up with Verity.
  • Council agreed that last year’s event was a great success and were keen to continue. They all agreed with the spending on entertainment was a good return and agreed same for this year.
  • MM – volunteered to act as collection point for prints for exhibition –
  • AGREED – email to go out to members that Prints (2 x Prints per member) should be delivered to Mavis during month of June 2017.
  • DB – volunteered to collect PDI’s from members and compile a working slide show of images.
  • AGREED email to members – PDI’s (2 x PDI’s per member) to be sent to DB by 1st June 2017 – normal size and colour space etc.
  • RH – volunteered use of large TV for PDI display.
  • General discussion re. Press / Publicity for Exhibition. Last year we had an article in the Courant due to it being the first exhibition in the Abbey, it was unlikely we would get a similar article this year. It was felt that we could place advert in Courant (paid) and Council also felt that we should all Publicise exhibition via Social media (local community forums etc)
  • DT – volunteered to contact all local NCPF clubs and offer invitation to them for opening night of exhibition (14th August)
  • MM – to invite NCPF executive to Opening night.
  • RH – requested Council members to think about sponsorship for Exhibition. He stated that he was going to speak to Sarah Loveland and Stait Photography.
  • RH, DB, GS, MW all volunteered to examine the current Exhibition space at the Abbey re. additional Display boards and lighting – to see if there is scope to expand the space this year so that all images can be displayed.
  • GO – made request that we contact Queens Hall Gallery and book it in advance.
  • AGREED – to form a sub-group next season to look at this long term for next and future seasons. Also to scope out other exhibition spaces for additional exhibitions throughout our area.


3. AOB

  • DT – volunteered to print Certificates for winners / runners-up (this year) – Council thought that certificates for Individual Round winners, places and HC’s should be given out on night of competitions and not wait till Presentation evening –
    AGREED – DT to arrange this for next season.
  • GO – volunteered to photograph presentations this year (GL as {very poor} backup!


9.30 pm – MM closed meeting

  • Next meeting – 11th April (after club night)

This post was written by: Stephen Smith on 13th, April 2017