1st PDI Competition Results

The results of the first Projected Digital Image competition are now in! The competition theme was “Weather” and all judging has been carried out by our members; the results are as follows:

  • 1st Place : Mark Corpe – The Approaching Storm
  • 2nd Place:  Alan McCormick – Caught In The Rain
  • 3rd Place: Danny Brannigan – Graveyard
  • 4th Place: Rob Halliburton – In My Head Its Sunny
  • 5th Place: Dave Theobald – Fine For The Harvest
  • Highly Commended:  Dave Best – Don’t Rain On My Parade
  • Highly Commended: Barry Turnbull – Looming Storm
  • Highly Commended: Danny Brannigan – Umbrellas
  • Highly Commended: Dave Best – Sea and Sky
  • Highly Commended: Graham Oliver – Holiday Weather

The next competition theme is “Close Ups” and the closing date for submissions is Tuesday the 29th November.

This post was written by: Stephen Smith on 1st, October 2016